NBA LIVE 18 Release Date, Wishlist, Gameplay, Cover, Trailer, Price

NBA Live 2016 turned out to be a huge hit among the audiences. The game had many new features and upgraded visuals. However, there are many things that the fans are still disappointed about. Hopefully, the game developers will attend to all the requests and look into the matter to decide if the changes are really worth making. Addressing to the fan recommendations in NBA live 18 would surely take the game to another level.

NBA live 18 Release Date

NBA live 2016 was released in September 2015 and ever since there have been speculations about the upcoming version. Though the next edition of the game was slated to be released in the 2017 fall as NBA 2017, yet the EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson has not announced anything positive. Instead, he went on to say that the game is going to be pushed back further and will probably be released as NBA live 18. Perhaps there is some kind of custom followed by EA games, about their releases to be made specifically during the fall. Whatever be it, with so much of delaying, there is no end to the anticipation. The audiences can only hope that the delaying will give them a better game.

NBA Live 18 Game Image

Although EA Sports have promised highly enhanced visuals and technical upgrade, it is hard to get convinced. In the past, delays have only given the audiences inferior gameplay. Although the reason for the delay is quite not sure, a random guess is that they have been giving an overall rebooting to the game. If this is the case, then the wait shall perhaps be worth it. A complete overhaul of the game engine was very much needed. NBA has been using the same old game engine for years. Enhanced game engine would not only give better graphics but also better controls. If the EA Sports is really bent on giving something exhilarating in NBA live 18, these are definitely the primary things that need attention.

The early release of NBA in 2017 was perhaps scheduled to attract more players, as hardly any game gets released during this time. Apart from MLB The Show, there has not been a single release this year. The upcoming video game is Madden that is slated to be released in August. If NB had worked according to plan, they would have certainly got all the limelight. Releasing their game during the fall would certainly give them a head to head competition with NBA 2K, the other giant in basketball gaming.

As of now, hardly anything can be deduced. Perhaps the game has something big in store, only time will tell. Whatever be the case, it is definitely going to make some money. The fans have been so overwhelmed with the delay that NBA live is sure to have it in their favor.

NBA Live Release Date 2018Image

NBA Live Release Date 2018Image


Although the previous NBA Live games have not been bad, players are still hopeful that EA Sports has the full potential to come up with something that will be a total game changer. Out of all the things, the following things have been shortlisted as the features that need to be added or improved immediately by the gaming franchise.

√ Immediate help

There should be an option like tilt floor, which will allow players to get immediate help when someone from the opposing team is ready to hit the basket.

√ Team customization

At the moment, NBA live is rather focused on a single player. It would be a great to have options for allowing team customization, like picking up a team name, court, uniform, etc. If possible, NBA live can also have options for face and attributes personalization. In that case, the players will not only be able to create desired appearances for their players, but also customize on their voice, skills, and agility. Furthermore, having scanners would allow players to create virtual replications of many real life players.

√ Adding more tournaments

Basketball needs many challenging tournaments. Adding more exciting matches would bring out more thrills in the game. There can be national and international tournaments, titles and championships. There can be titles and awards for the winners and overall team ranking. This would bring more vitality into the game and also let the players know about their stance. A wide choice of venues and options for squad building would further improve the game for NBA live 18.

√ Team management

Like in NBA 2K, there should be options for team management. The players should be able to constantly pick and throw out their members. There should be practice arenas, where players can practice before hitting the real match. All of these little things would go a long way in enhancing the gameplay of NBA live 18.

√ In-game platforms for comparing scores

Although NBA Live is all about scores and stats, it does not have the feature that can allow players to update and view their stats on a comparative basis. Integrating such a feature would allow the players to check on their playing style or sometimes boast about their achievements in public.

√ Commentaries

Although the game is full of commentaries, the audiences have decided that perhaps it would be better to have pre-show commentaries or rather a conversation between the announcers. This would give the game much of a real gaming ambiance.

√ Manual override

There should also be options for cutting off help, especially in the rising star mode. This would allow the players to take the charge and perhaps get better results.

√ Physical dynamics

Although NBA live has an attractive list of players, it lacks many things like the correct representation of body movements when the players are on the move. If this gets addressed in the upcoming version, the installment would definitely be a game changer in the field of basketball games.

NBA LIVE 18 Gameplay

NBA live 18 is still months from being released and perhaps the franchise is very much focused on developing the game, which is why we don’t get to hear anything. However, there have been many unofficial statements and definitely a lot of rumors to fuel the anticipations of fans. Here a few of the gameplay features to be possibly featured in NBA live 2018.

√ Better controls

Despite having had so many games under their title, NBA Live has done hardly anything to deliver better controls. Many a time, this drives all the fun out of the game, for e.g., when your character does not dunk the way you expected him to or when your character does not respond on time. All of these are a sure indication of the fact that it is high time that controls be thoroughly upgraded.

√ Better animations

When playing recreated versions of real-life games, the players are always looking for similar ambiance and also similar characters. Many of the players in the NBA are the exact virtual replications of their real life counterparts. However, many a time, the animations look very grotesque and some of the characters hardly have any resemblance to their real counterparts. If it is so, there is really no meaning in having the animations at all. The gameplay for NBA live 2018 will be greatly enhanced with better animations and courts as well as crowd graphics.

√ Physical explosiveness

Basketball is all about speed, agility, and strength. The game has to capture all the moves closely and portray it to the players. All the cool moves captured from the right angle would add so much more to NBA live. Hustling, dunking, jump shots – the game should have an explosive portrayal.

√ Player differentiation

All the players should be distinct, not only based on their appearance but also their playing skills and talent. This will allow the players to work as a team and make the best utilization of resources. The previous games were more focused on single players; this time, the game should be focused on the team, with each player standing out distinctively. Such a feature is going to greatly affect the gameplay of NBA LIVE 2018.

√ Signature moves

When it comes to action-based games like basketball, the designers have so much scope for expansion. Every little detail added goes to lift the game by a huge degree. The developers can assign signature moves to characters. They may also be taken from their real life counterparts. This would make the game appear more real. Free shots, dribbling, jump shots, dunking – there is a lot that can make it to the menu.

NBA LIVE 2018 Cover

Cover stars are always the topic of curiosity whenever a game comes out. Mentioned below are some of the players who may be shortlisted for the latest version.

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is surely a head turner. NBA 2K gained a lot of attention and popularity after having him featured in one their installment. This time, we may not be just looking at Michael in the cover page but also have more personalized gaming modes featuring the amazing player. This would mean a lot of slam dunks and aerial shots. With Michael Jordan, NBA LIVE 2018 is going to be one hell of a game.

NBA Michael Jordan

NBA Michael Jordan Live 2018

2. Dwayne Wade

Dwayne is one of the non-bulls players, who is greatly appreciated by basketball fans. His team’s win in the Miami Heat in the year 2016 was particularly spectacular. During his early days, he made a lot of contributions to the league and was regarded as a potential star player.

It was probably questionable officiating in his later career that worked against him. He also received a lot of scorn after having joined Lebron James and Chris Bosh. Nevertheless, he has always been an amazing player and probably has garnered as much like as hate. He has his own class, his own style and his own niche to fill. Having Dwayne Wade grace the covers of NBA live 2018 would definitely be very cool.

NBA 2018 Dwayne Wade Live Image

NBA 2018 Dwayne Wade Live

3. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin has been playing for the Los Angeles Clippers in NBA. He has had an illustrious basketball career and has even been listed as the best NBA Rookie of all time. He holds numerous titles to his name, including the NBA Rookie of the year and the Slam Dunk Challenge Champion. It is a child’s guess that Blake Duran as the cover star of NBA live 18 would be a great seller.

NBA Live Blake Griffin

NBA Live Blake Griffin 18

4. Lebron James

After having all the viable option for NBA LIVE 18, it would be off track not to bring up Lebron James. Lebron James has always been the show stealer of every match. He has fared well not only in the real games but in video games. This King of Basketball has left everyone gasping with his very quick reaction, perfectly timed responses, speed, and agility. Lebron James surely deserves a place in the covers of NBA LIVE 18.

Lebron James Cover of NBA 18 Image Live

Lebron James Cover of NBA Live Image

5. Chris Paul

Earlier, Chris Paul played for the New Orleans Hornet and is currently playing for Los Angeles Clippers, the same team as Blake Griffin. This talented basketball player has had seven NBA all-star titles. Apart from that, he was also awarded the title of best NBA Rookie of the year. If featured on the covers of NBA live 2018, Chris Paul would definitely spice up the game.

Chris Paul NBA 2018 Live Cover Image

Chris Paul NBA Live 2018 Cover Image

6. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is the first basketball player ever to be selected as the MVP. He currently plays for the Golden State Warriors and is probably the best shooter in the history of NBA. He was also honored as the Most Valuable NBA Player of the year 2015-2016. With all these tags to his name, Stephen Curry is a potential candidate for NBA live 18.

NBA Stephen Curry - Live 18 Image

NBA Stephen Curry – Live 18 Image


It is a pity to not have any trailer as of yet. But the EA Sport6s CEO Andrew Wilson has said that the delay is due to the last minute fine tuning. This somewhat gives a clue that the upcoming game is definitely going to be a showstopper. The delay is also because the franchise is looking for a good seasonal sale of games instead of a short term of sales hike. With tough competition from franchises like NBA 2K, it sure is difficult for NBA LIVE. It cannot be judged whether the delay was a good decision or not. As of now, all that can be done is to wait hopefully with fingers crossed.

In the past, the NBA live trailers have been a pretty good indication of what the games would be like. When the trailers for NBA live 2018 come out, it will speak for itself as to whether the wait was worth it or not. Whether the game is going to live up to the expectation or surpass them. EA Sports has had a couple of years’ time to work on the game. That is time enough to come up with a pretty decent game. It is only natural to look forward to a great game.


NBA Live has given great games in the past and fans are willing to pay for their games. The earlier games made it to the market at around 14 dollars. Keeping the competition in mind, the price hike is not going to work. Madden and NBA 2K have released their latest games at around 50 dollars. Keeping the upper limit of 50 $ makes much sense.


Perhaps NBA live has been working behind the scenes all this while to give the fans something really special.  Perhaps we will see NBA live in a whole new light when it comes out. Whatever be the case, the delays have already created a lot of excitement and the fans are excited more than ever.