NBA live 18 Gameplay Wishlist

Well, NBA live has been producing one of the popular of the game series and Live 18 is not going to be different either. Before the game comes out, there is an anticipation amongst all the gamers around the world and most importantly, people are looking for the NBA live 18 Gameplay.

Improve Control, Depth & Responsiveness

Control and response have been one of the troubling issues of NBA Live and they have been trying to make sure to improve on them, but as far as gamers are concerned, there are still areas where they can really improve. The feel of controlling players and the response time is really important in theses types of games. Well, obviously gamers do not need a complicated stick control, but they sure are expecting some improvement with the tight movements on the court. The control of passing, throw, bank shot and floaters are the ones that the gamers are looking forward. They are not expecting the controls to be changed, they are looking for some addition and alteration that would take the NBA live 18 Gameplay up a level.

Realistic Animations

Along with the nice control, we need a nice look as well. This is where the animations will come in, but the animations used in the previous versions are not really a good one. Although there have been good layup, dribble and dunk animations, but they all end up in disaster with the low-quality animation transition. That is why this is another area of NBA live 18 Gameplay where NBA live must improve.

This is the time that NBA live, brings out the best quality, realistic animations that would make this game graphics feel like a real one and more appealing. Games like these need a quality animation to attract gamers and also it helps to keep a nice feel and look of the game.

NBA Live 18 Gameplay Image

NBA Live 18 Gameplay Image

More Explosiveness & Physicality

Physicality is what makes a game real. In the real life, NBA is a physical game and no player is allowed to dunk or layup at will. This is where NBA Live 18 may get improvements with more physicality. It needs the hard tackles and more elusive moves to score a dunk. Right now it is too easy for the players to score, but it should be more challenging with the defense getting more physical.

Also, when it comes to the attacking, players need to be explosive. Like even if there is a block, they should try to go through and score the hard way. In the process of being explosive and defense being physical, there bound to happen some injuries which are again going to help the NBA live 18 Gameplay become a lot more real.

Special Move

Well, when it comes to the real life gaming, it is important to maintain the players’ ability intact. If a certain player is capable of doing movies which others can not it should be listed in his special moves. Explosive moves, sudden dribbling might be a good thing to start with the players. If a player is an expert of shooting balls from a distance, that should be included in the game rather than going in and muscling through the defense all the time. And along with the special moves, it will require some level of animation for sure. High-quality animation with special moves added to the players will make the game more attractive and fascinating as well.

So, these are the NBA live 18 Gameplay facts that might be up for grabbing when you get to play the NBA live 18 and hopefully with all these special gameplay additions this game will take its place on the list of best video games.