NBA Live 18 Release Date Prediction

NBA Live has been a successful series of video games. And their latest version will be soon out in the name of NBA live 18. Of course, everyone was anticipating  NBA Live 17  coming out after the previous version, but because EA sports missed the original date of release, they have decided to release the NBA Live 18 rather than 17.

Well, NBA 17 was about to release in the 2016 but the release date was delayed and was set to release in 2017 which is why the CEO of EA has announced the change in the name of the game although he did not mention anything about the NBA Live 18 Release Date.

NBA Live 18 Release Date: Is it bad to release this late?

Although there have been some exceptions,  in the past a late release of a video game hasn’t been really successful especially when it is the sports genre. Also, NBA has suffered these kinds of issues in the recent past as well. So, since the NBA Live 18 Release Date was delayed, the gamer world has been really concerned about the game.

NBA Elite 11 is a perfect example of the disaster that can happen with the delayed release. This game was delayed, which was set to be out by 2010, September. After 2 months of the announcement, the game was canceled.

This has happened multiple times in the past; a particular series of the game has been delayed and the next version was canceled. For example, NBA live 12 was not released and after that NBA Live 13 was announced but later it was canceled. Although NBA returned with the Live 14 version, the game was not up to the mark and it suffered poor reviews from all around the world. In Live 15 and 16, NBA made some kind of progress, but it is still a long way for NBA live to enter the elite class of sports gaming. Probably this is why fans around the world are really concerned about the NBA Live 18 Release Date.

NBA Live 18 Release Date Image

NBA Live 18 Release Date Image

Will it clash with NBA 2K release?

The probable NBA Live 18 Release Date has really attracted the attention of the gamers since there are few games that normally release in the early months of a year. This is a fact that no sports game has ever released in this time range and all of them have been released on or after August.

But if you look at the positives, there are plenty of them. NBA 2K18 is set to release this year during August and if NBA Live 18 release early 2017, this is going to be a free run for them. They won’t have to compete with their biggest rivals for sure. There has been a rumor that to avoid the clash of release dates with NBA 2K, EA has set their release date in early 2017 to attract players and gamers all over the world. According to the experts, if NBA live releases with NBA 2K, this will be a big disaster for them since it is a delayed release and they haven’t really proved themselves to attract gamers instead of playing NBA 2K. So, a delayed NBA Live 18 Release Date might be actually good for them this time around.

Hope to get the best

So, as it stands, gamers are really making a few calculations in their heads and the experts have also conveyed their ideas about the game, what it can be and what it should be. Although no one knows what it will be like, there is still hope that with the delayed release the developers might develop something that will not only give competition to NBA 2K but also will be able to amaze the gamers from all over the world. EA needs to remember one thing that, the gamers are not going to accept another low-quality basketball version from them. They are looking for a newly designed game with added features that will blow every previous issue away. And the NBA 2K fans, well, they are ready to see if EA is going to be a challenge this time at all.