NBA Live 18 Wishlist

Since the release of the NBA video game series, it has seen a lot of gamers playing this game all over the world. The latest version of the NBA basketball game, the NBA 2017 was something else for the gamers. They probably hadn’t seen anything like that before. But since every technology promises to make improvements, the gamers are eagerly waiting for an improved version of the NBA 2017. There are plenty of features that the players are willing to see in the upcoming NBA Live 18. Some of them are really interesting and some of them are really the one which can be said as the topmost amongst the NBA live 18 Wishlist.

NBA Live 18 Wishlist: Career Mode

In the NBA 18, there should be a career mode included. This would enhance the chance of getting players online and compare them with yours and see if they perform better on the bigger stages. Also, the career mode will allow you to grow your player from the high school days through the college and to the glory. You can choose any player you want from online also and choose your team more wisely as you need them to be.

NBA Live 18 Wishlist

NBA Live 18 Wishlist

Realistic Gameplay

According to the NBA live 18 Wishlist, the gameplay must be improved a lot more. The plot, game scenarios must be more realistic. Overall the gamers are looking to get involved as much as they can and this is important that they get the feel of the game like it is a real game. The players must have different voice options being from different countries and also the players’ skin, face and other features must be enhanced to give it a cool look. Basically, what the gamers are looking for is the perfect balance of a new gameplay and added features that will make the game more attractive and responsive.

Player attributes

Attributes of player are important in this sort of a game. The gamers who made an NBA live 18 Wishlist, they have said that it will help the gamer to categorize their players more efficiently and use them tactically as well. Depending on the speed, strength, agility, IQ or other perks, it will become easier for the gamers to maintain their team balance and choose players as and when necessary. Also, playing against different requires different strategies and this is what is going to make it easier for the gamers to make the strategy work more swiftly.


It is important that the game is made in such a way that it should look like a real one. The fouls made on a player should be as realistic as it gets. This is because a nudge and a proper foul must be differentiated and this is where the accuracy of the game should begin. There are teams which will actually make more fouls compared to other teams and that is why it is necessary that the game has accurate detail.


In the NBA live 18 Wishlist currencies is another factor that has come up on the list. Everyone would like to buy a player with real money and that is why it is important that the game should get rid of the virtual coins and bring in the actual money. The players must earn actual money and that would keep their market rise high or down. This will also make the game more realistic as well.

Better defense

Defense is the most important topic in our wishlist for NBA live 18. It is a must that the defensive skills should get improved in the game. Blocking a player must get harder and it should involve more air time, and the jump shots as well. It is necessary that the defense gets a bit rough and tough, of course, that will increase the fouls, but that is what we are looking for in a realistic game. Gamers are willing to take the battle to the new level if the developers can include these extra features in the game. Basically what the gamers are looking for is a good improvement on the overall defensive game plan. It is important that they work hard on their defense and make strategies stop players as well, rather than concentrating on the attack all the time.


So, as it stands, gamers all over the world are waiting eagerly for the NBA live 2018, the newest version of the basketball game from EA. It is obvious that gamers are not going to get all that features that they are looking for but if the developers have any sort of idea about what the gamers are looking for we are going to see a revolutionary change in the gameplay and also the features added will set the standard apart. The gamers are hoping for a lot and it is not easy to accommodate all the graphical, physical and defensive changes, but it can be possible for them to make the game more realistic in a way so that the gamers stay attracted to the game all the time.